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Teresa Bowen  Founder

Mahanaim Inc founder, Teresa Bowen is a mother and grandmother, ordained minister, licensed cosmetologist, international author, and speaker based out of Mobile, Alabama. She loves team building and strives to see that all are successful in what their hearts desire to do. She is passionate about health, wholeness, and Christ-centered spirituality.

She is passionate to see people apply their hearts to understanding and begin to walk in the light of revelation as mature sons.

Reminding you to breathe, laugh, rejoice and dance in Yahweh as this is your strength.

The House of Mahanaim

The House of Mahanaim carries with it the supply. As is mentioned in scripture the place where God shows up to bring what is needed or desired. The connection between Heaven & Earth, as every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights. Within Mahanaim Inc there is Ruach Frequency Technologies LLC that covers Ministry and Network Marketing, and Stella & Co LLC which covers my salon business.

My love for facilitating family and helping people to be the best version of themselves in the here and now space is what fuels my why. Finding that the world systems do not offer what is best for our bodies, soul and spirit keeps me on the journey of discovery. We are the greatest technology on the planet and deserve all Yahweh has for us!

My desire is to help you on your journey, to facilitate strategy and direction.

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