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And just like that, the busyness of May and June has wound down. The last blog probably made you tired just reading it hahahaha. This one is the complete opposite, but first a recap.

The Tribe Nest Conference, Sharing Breathe, was filled with wisdom from the many speakers that headed up that weeklong intensive. From Ian Claytons messages on angels to Sam Mahoney’s healing wisdom and all of the speakers in between. The week was life-changing for all who participated. The sessions are available on www.thefoundationnest.com and I highly recommend getting these sessions for your personal growth and encouragement.

The sessions on The Mazzaroth that I did with the Russia School of Mysteries were a delight and all were encouraged in their faith to go higher and deeper. I have one more session with them on the 24th of this month and am so looking forward to it.

Also, this weekend I had the pleasure to speak at Scepter, www.ourfathersbusinessalliance.com I spoke about all things Kingdom Business. It was held here in the beautiful Convention Center downtown Mobile on Water Street. The same weekend at my home church Gates of Zion, now the Homestead saw one of the most honorable transitions to the next generations the Kingdom has seen since Solomon’s coronation. It is history in the making as a son of Aaron Smith will be taking the helm of the church going forward into greatness for the future generations. Yahweh is about legacy and family; you will never convince me otherwise. Proverbs 13:22: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.”

Flight School, a ministry of www.thenesttribe.com will begin its second year in July. Registrations are open just follow the link above. 14 mentors changing out weekly for the timeslot that is convenient for you.

O.K. Now me going forward. June saw me transition from being full-time in a leadership role in the “church”. What does that look like? Not being responsible for emails, calendars, and attending every event as one who is responsible for all others attending. Just get in and flow! I’ve moved my office home, still assisting Aaron and Robbie Smith with the ongoing logistics of The Depths of Zion, we do weekly zooms and if you are interested in the link, please email me at ruachfrequencytecholgies@gmail.com

I am looking forward to a flowing pace as in that first love space. I plan on doing a lot of meditation, contemplative prayer, and going the way of the desert fathers and mothers. I will be sharing this journey in my blogs and on wisdom’s echo. The ancient paths are calling, and I must go!

I have a book I’ve intended to write for several years perhaps that will find its way to the surface soon.

Business is always ongoing whether it’s the salon or the network marketing. I love the art of business, the challenges, and the rewards. If you would like more information on all that I am doing, please look through my website mahanaim.info.

The occasional beach trip is always on the agenda, just breathing and allowing the nervous system to slow down is so healing for the body. I am big into learning the nervous system and how to regulate breathwork and movement. I love joining breathwork and communion with Father together. Some of you in my first-year flight school have experienced what that is like and how it positively affects the body.

Look for posts on social media for tips on business and health those are the heart songs that I love to share with the community. Thanks for reading and let’s catch up soon!


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Teresa is from Mobile Alabama where she has ministered for more than three decades. She is passionate to see people apply their hearts to understanding and begin to walk in the light of revelation as mature sons.

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