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Spring is in the air! So many changes are before us to keep our sights forward. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing all the new life occurring in nature. The budding trees, the pop of color everywhere is a buffet for the eyes to behold. And the birds seem to be singing louder than I have heard in past years. Maybe I just didn’t slow down enough to notice which brings me to my next point of rest. We are encouraged to slow down and breathe, to bring our nervous system to a lower vibration. This allows us to regulate homeostasis in the body and mind.

We have often heard that as the storm around us rages to not allow it inside of us. How does one create an internal environment of peace when the world is vibrating at a frequency of chaos? The systems of this world have a goal to keep humanity in fear and turmoil. However, the Kingdom of our God has the answer to shield us and our species from being spun into their vortex. The simple gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ, empowers us with His essence and frequency of peace. He is known as “the Prince of Peace.” We are admonished to let this peace “that passes understanding” to be in us.

The nervous system helps keep homeostasis in breathing patterns. Because breathing is mostly involuntary, the nervous system ensures that the body is getting much needed oxygen through breathing the appropriate amount of oxygen. We’ve discovered that most of us if not all of us shallow breath all day with the occasional deep breathe. With conscious breathing exercises we not only learn to move oxygen throughout the body but that oxygen in turn begins to regulate body systems which supports wellness. When we feel better, we think better, and our quality of life is improved, and peace prevails.

Breathe – inhale deeply, hold for four seconds, release exhale slowly. With all of your breath inhaled fill your diaphragm, expand, hold for four seconds, release, exhale slowly.

Do this as long as you like. You are in control; you are powerful sons of God. Let your thoughts move through as you are breathing like passing cars or billboards on the highway no need to engage them. Meditate on your favorite scripture or latest revelation. You are an heir of God a joint heir in Christ, you are seated in heavenly places in Christ at the right hand of the Father. Enter His rest therein is the blessing.

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Teresa is from Mobile Alabama where she has ministered for more than three decades. She is passionate to see people apply their hearts to understanding and begin to walk in the light of revelation as mature sons.

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