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Teresa is a serious Lover of Yahweh and her desire for Him is contagious


Teresa was my instructor both on The Nest (1st Year) and on Flight School. She is a serious Lover of Yahweh and her desire for Him is contagious. I have learned so much from her, and I continue to learn, as the seeds she planted continue to germinate and grow. She is full of wisdom, accepting, fun and kind, making it easy to learn. I appreciate having had the opportunity to learn from her and look forward to learning even more.


Teresa Bowen is a dear friend who has remained consistent over the many years we've known her. She overflows with the light and life of God which contagiously affects anyone she comes into contact with.

She has her fingers in many pies: from ministry, to health, to business and she excels at everything she puts her hand to. She is a visionary - constantly moving forward - from glory to glory - and she does nothing in half-measures.

She has the Kingdom of God at the forefront of her mind, in all her endeavors - and she creates space for others to join her on her various assignments.

Teresa is a powerhouse that scatters light, healing, revelation and heavenly abundance wherever she goes!


Teresa is a powerhouse that scatters light, healing, revelation and heavenly abundance wherever she goes! I am grateful to have experienced so much personal transformation through her teachings, friendship, infectious and life-giving personality. Teresa will bring you the cutting edge and more in unveiling the wonderful technologies for health that are being released on the earth today. A fearless creative pioneer and a heart-centred leader, she holds many keys for this era and I cannot recommend her services highly enough!

Time is precious and Teresa takes time for people, what a rare thing...


I really appreciate Miss Bowen.

Each time I have had a question she has answered me rather quickly. Whether it be me joining Young living oils or having a question about the best salon products that I should be using as a stylist. But I also appreciate that she takes the time to be personable actually look on your Facebook.

Time is precious and she takes it for people, what a rare thing.

Thank you Miss Bowen

An Inspiring Woman Of Yahweh Bring Lots Of Encouragement & Energy To Those Around Her To Bring Out Who They Are Called To Be


From Tereasa’s ministry to personally getting to know her I have been inspired from the beginning with what she carries. I love how she does not hold back what Yahweh asks her to release. I love seeing her so effortlessly operate her businesses. She has much knowledge and trustworthy insight that can help bring you into the calling that is on your life.

A friend, dedicated business women of the highest quality, honour and and integrity.


Teresa Bowen: A friend, dedicated business women of the highest quality, honour and and integrity.
I highly recommend her professionalism working with 7K Metals, Healy Frequency Devises and the stunning Mahanaim hair products.
Teresa’s a minister of the Gospel, passionate personality, kindness, strength in leadership, joyous character is infectious to all around her.

Teresa is passionate about health, wholeness, and Christ-centered spirituality


It is and has been a real honor to work with Teresa on this website project.
I highly recommend her teachings, books and podcasts!
Teresa is the "real deal" whose desire is to help you on your journey with strategy and direction from on High!


It is my good pleasure to give a shout out to honour Ms Teresa Bowen!


I am Carita Liu, based in beautiful Singapore. Around the start of 2020, just when Covid19 lockdowns began in Singapore, through Teresa, I started exploring a Frequencies Medical Health Device & have since expanded into other high frequencies Health Products, steadily growing a natural health business in Singapore.

I met Teresa in 2019, she was my Principal on The Foundation Nest, a Bible based Supernatural School.

Teresa opened the world of Health, Healing and Wholeness in Frequencies & Resonance to me through the Healy Business. I am truly grateful and appreciative of Teresa for this. Through Teresa, my network of contacts & understanding in the Natural Health arena has greatly expanded.

Teresa together with her Business Partners have helped me navigate & grow in my Business, through their supportive online meetings & trainings, both business & spiritual-wise.

I am super blessed to have connected with Teresa! I highly recommend connecting & working with Teresa!

Glenda Burkes Kingdom Builder

GREAT is her faithfulness to God!


The first time I ever heard Teresa speak was Dec 2, 2016 in Pearisburg, VA and I knew from that moment she was a genuine and true kingdom person full of light and love. Little did I realize that 2 years later, God would put me only an hour away from her on the map and that relocation would allow the awe-spark He put inside of her to ignite what He put in me until it consumed me! Teresa then taught and inspired me to go deeper into the mysteries of Yahweh in her role as part of the leadership of the ministry she served so faithfully at Mobile, as well as becoming my 1st year principal of the Nest . But more than that, she goes above and beyond to be your friend and family. As a plethora of knowledge and understanding on how to live a life of wholeness (mind, body, spirit) , she shares with a passion of the many kingdom secrets God has given her. She is ALWAYS there, ALWAYS present, ALWAYS full of love, joy, laughter and the brightest LIGHT! She is a true DIAMOND and I wouldn't be who I am today, without God bringing her into my life. Thank you Teresa, a thousand times!!!

Alicia Loftus

Teresa is highly honoured and walks in excellence and power !


Teresa is a dynamic teacher and author. She carries a fresh energy for kingdom advancement in revolutionary teachings as well as in business. She is highly honoured and walks in excellence and power !

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