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Abundantly blessed in this Realm and all dimensions

Every year at Thanksgiving I ponder how grateful I am for my family my children my grandchildren. Through it all God has been so good to me and for that I am so very grateful. It’s always a beautiful day around my table the food, the festivities, laughter, passionate discussions. I love it all and here at the end of the day I begin to think one month until Christmas and a week after that we’re into a new year! 2023 wow just typing that is profound to me.
In October, the Lord began to call me away to begin to lessen all the busywork. Things that were non-productive but obligatory nonetheless. I began to see the Hebrew letter, Tav. It speaks of a marking a finishing. This year June 2022, I finished in the area of full-time ministry at the church, Gates of Zion. 32 years of service and there are many stories, some wonderful, some good, some not so good and some very tragic. Through it all my heart leaned on my Beloved Yeshua. He is my rock and my fortress, my strong tower.
I am looking forward to all that my scroll is revealing to me for my life and the assignments in this realm and the heavenlies. I’m looking forward to the new earth that the son’s are building, the new heavens that will declare in ever increasing glory. When we understand, diminishing, fear and law is an old order, we will understand how important it is to come into the new Aon, that we have been collaborating and co-laboring to manifest. The power of an endless life promised in Hebrews 7:16, is the life the zoe spoken of here for us right now.

Through all of this time I have had a small hair salon and I am a licensed cosmetologist of 40 plus years. I have an online hair care, product, store, Mahanaim Supply. You can find it at mahanaiamsupply.com and we are having a five day sale Black Friday, small Business Saturday, Sacred Sunday, Cyber Monday and Hair Tip Tuesday.
The code at checkout is 5DAY20 purchases of $50 or more.
I have also have a few direct sales and network, marketing businesses, because I love a wholesale! I love the style of business, because there are no ceilings. It’s completely up to the individual how far how hard how fast they want to run I love companies with good products, clean products, non-toxic holistic.
I have options to purchase essential oils, frequency devices, vitamins and minerals, household cleaning products, brain clarity, focus and a new venture for collagen from grass fed cows. Clean and efficient products are what I am always researching.
I would love to do a consult with you to see what offerings you may benefit from. I love to help people live their best life physically, spiritually and mentally. I’m always looking for a good bio hack for the body to repair and to rest. You can contact me on the mahanaim.info website I look forward to hearing from you.
I have an opportunity for business owners so if you or family or people you know, are business owners with five or more W-2 employees that were paid all 4/4 of 2020 and three of the quarters of 2021. It is an opportunity to receive your W-2 payroll taxes with interest. This ERC company is the number one in the nation and the sheer volume of over 16,0000 clients recovering $3 billion goes to show that they know what they’re doing in helping businesses get back what they paid in (with interest).
If any of this is of any interest to you, please check out the links. Let’s do a consult and get you moving and grooving!
Blessings to you all and may God‘s favor be upon you through this holiday season may His blessing abound to you and your family may His love overtake you and ravish your hearts.

In Christ
Teresa Bowen

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Teresa is from Mobile Alabama where she has ministered for more than three decades. She is passionate to see people apply their hearts to understanding and begin to walk in the light of revelation as mature sons.

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